Monday, October 20, 2014

Gotta Love No. 52 - Agate

There is something about an organic element in our home that adds balance like nothing else can. Gotta love agate as one of these elements. What is agate? Classically it is associated with volcanic rock, and may also be found in other varieties of rock as well.

Agate can be introduced to a space as an accent wall, as a fabric, as an art form, or an accessory. No matter how this element is introduced it is dramatic. Because, whether a bold or subtle introduction, it lures the eye to its beautiful complexity and movement.

I absolutely love the book matching of agate on an accent wall. Whether it is done with a slab of agate, an agate wallpaper design, or an upholstered fabric wall it is truly stunning!

An accessory or other small accent, like agate hardware on a cabinet, is one of those elements in a room that you walk by and give a smile of admiration to.

One thing I do know about agate is that I cannot decide whether I love it more when it is illuminated or au naturale. Though, highlight may not come from illumination, but rather from what it has been formed into or what media it is paired with.

Does a drink refresh more when presented with an agate coaster? Do fire flames choreograph a more refined dance when performed inside an agate fireplace? Are the treasures stored more special when stored in a stack of agate boxes? I'm going to say most probable to all questions. 

Agate takes restraint. It is an art form that is appreciated in moderation. Suited best as an accent wall, rather than the entire room's walls. Presenting best when a small part of a tabletop story. Used as an accent fabric design, rather than the main fabric. You'll know when just enough is accomplished.

Be brave, because that accent wall may look overwhelming, but all it might take to present agate in all its beauty may be to book match or mitre the panels. It can be amazing when a tilt or angle of a piece is all it takes to reach perfection.

Gotta love agate. So go rock it out!

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