Friday, October 24, 2014

At the Window No. 10 - Portiere

What a beautiful treatment over a doorway or an entrance to a room! Portiere is a Victorian-era treatment that, lightened up for today's home creates a fabulous room entrance or divide.

The architecture of a home will define where the portiere is appropriate. While the interior design of the space will define the perfect fabric for the treatment.

When I recommended a portiere treatment for a design project, it was also to meet a need for the client. A reading room off a Master Suite could be enjoyed even while an on-call professional slumbered.

It is important to keep the design element of the portiere treatment at the forefront. Both over-dressing or under-dressing a doorway or room divide can happen if one gets too wound up in the selection of the materials for the portiere treatment.

The portiere can be an elaborate Victorian-inspired treatment, while a simplistic version can be just as dramatic. Don't make it messy!

There is a romance and lure into the space the portiere frames. Could be one of the best welcomes into the spaces of our home.

Just as an archway beckons, so too can the portiere treatment. It just might be that last layer that finishes and frames the space. The best piece of "framed art" for the room.

I'm seeing doors coming off their hinges in your home! Take your time and do it right!

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