Wednesday, October 22, 2014

At the Window No. 9 - The Italian Strung Drape

Just as in the fashion world where we have all learned you just don't mess with classic style, be it the hard way or by wise advice, so goes the design of window fashion. At some point it all comes back to it being the choice of fabric, hue, and accessory that keeps a classic on trend.

I find this to be the case with the classic styling of the Italian strung drape. Graceful and sophisticated. Best only when well-tailored. Never sloppy, and only suitable when paired with the right layers in a room.

The Italian strung window treatment is a refined look, yet gives the appearance of a relaxed sweep of the fabric. As with any classic, this treatment can be a fail when put in the wrong hands. But oh so right, when done to perfection! I sometimes wonder if there are rooms where this would be so fitting, but the standard stationary panel is presented instead. 

Like a classic, the Italian strung treatment can be so at home in a number of ways. It can be the "Chanel look" jacket with its matching skirt or designer jeans, both with pearls, and still looking amazing.

When the Italian strung drape is tailored correctly, it will look just as beautiful on the back as it does on the facing side.

Pulled high or pulled low, its gracefulness won't falter. Sheered on, board-mounted, or on a beautiful rodding, the Italian strung treatment at the window is still open for your style interpretation. Or in other words, a bit of free form or finely tailored?

Personal Ad: Window where fused sunlight is necessary, but closure is an undesired effect? Meet the Italian strung drape. Match made!

Silk is my fabric of choice for the Italian strung drape, but then again, it is a classic fabric!

Image Sources: Traditional Home, Nicky Haslam, R. H. Rowley, Pinterest, Cote de Texas, House Beautiful 

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