Monday, October 27, 2014

Be Inspired No. 76 - The Lumbar Pillow

Be inspired to change your outlook on the accent pillows for the sofa, banquette, or settee. A simple long lumbar pillow in a wonderful fabric could just be simple perfection! This lumbar pillow is not for any style, it won't work and shouldn't be part of just any seating style. But when the match is found it is done so beautifully.

As with any accent pillows, the lumbar pillow shouldn't have to be taken off the seating piece to achieve comfort, rather it is part of the comfort. And scale is important in determining the right size.

This might just be the wow and unexpected accent on your seating. It could be constructed using a fabulous sari, batik, or kilim rug for that matter that holds memory from a favorite trip.

The lumbar pillow can be the only accent pillow on a seating piece or in addition to other accent pillows. This will depend on the piece and its scale.

The more I see this design element, the more I love the idea of it. It gives all the right reasons to use that dramatic fabric in a room's design. 

Reminds me of a trendy pair of shoes that are so fun you must have them. And then you try them on and they are one of the most comfortable footwear ever! Double bonus! Be inspired!

Image Sources: Elle Decor, Etsy, Decor Pad, Pinterest, Little Green Notebook, Amber Interior Design

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