Monday, September 21, 2015

Translation - Fashion to Home No. 20 - Shoes!

Inspiration for the color palette for your home is closer than you think! Look down at the shoes you are wearing! That's right, your choice in shoes is a good start to defining your style and the colors you love to live around.

It can show how much "edge" or embellishment you feel comfortable with. Shoe inspiration can be that piece of the puzzle that helps you define your home design style and get you outside your box!

Our shoes can remind us where they took us. What we saw in our travels, while they provided comfort. How about the colors of the exotic safari trip? Or the calming sense we felt at the hidden beach?

Shoe inspiration can show us that our casual style is fitting for our home's room design. Share that with your interior designer. This is your home, your lifestyle, your dream room.

Do you look in your closet at your shoes and see a mix of styles? Fantastic! The room you are dreaming about can have that same mix of styles!

The foundation of a room is a great place to start! Selecting a rug or one to layer over top of one you already have is a great way of defining your style for the space. 

Like some shimmer in your shoes? Let's add a bit of that to your room design!

Trust me, shoe inspiration works! Take your favorite shoes to your designer and watch how your beautiful room unfolds!

Image Sources: Neiman Marcus, Pinterest, Rozsnyai Shoes, Instagram, Terges Shoes, Tumbler

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