Friday, September 18, 2015

Be Inspired No. 80 - Mirror, Mirror on the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the mirror who's the inspired person who hung you there? When we see a mirrored wall we tend to cringe a little. Does it date the room? We visualize the mess it will create if we eliminate it. We search the web to see if we can paint it or wallpaper over it. Let's be honest, we treat it like a blemish on date night.

Hallelujah, raise the roof, these images have inspired us to a better solution! And isn't this solution how most things in our home are welcomed back into the space? By not ignoring them, but enhancing them.

What a beautiful finish. But let's be honest, maybe it is the solution for our mirror obsession. That cute, little, stunning piece of reflection you couldn't live without needed a place in your home. Bravo!

That "builder-installed" generic sea of mirror held up with unsightly plastic supports screwed into your bathroom wall or better yet glued to your wall with industrial strength adhesive? You won't even notice the blandness after adding a beautiful mirror!  Yes you are the fairest in the land.

Be inspired!

Image sources: Elle Decor, Pinterest, Notting Hill

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