Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rooms I Love No. 22 - Gobs of Greatness!

I can take a map I love and hang it on the wall, or not!

All these images in this post of Rooms I Love show a rebel side. I am a rebel, I don't follow design rules and I believe greatly that our individual stories belong in our homes, not stories from a magazine! 

I can enjoy the classic nostalgia of a bobbin chair with a sleek cocktail I love.

I can have tradition in my uptown modern loft.

I can create my own "window to my world".

Ordinary built-ins are not for me, but they look lovely in your home.

I like my whisper of color, but you might just miss my subtle dark colors.

A suite I must have, for I use all of my rooms to spread my wings.

Just like my LBD, black is the only color for my trim! And yes, I will hang artwork right over top of them!

Image Sources: Home Bunch, Elle Decor, Alexa Hampton, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home

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