Friday, December 5, 2014

Well Dressed Home No. 57 - Chandeliers Dressed for the Holidays

Every well-dressed home has perfectly-selected chandeliers in all right places, expected and beautifully surprising locations. And every one of those gems should be dressed for the holidays. 

Don't over do it. And most importantly, be careful to select with care. Remember these are electrically-powered and safety is of the utmost importance! 

A delightful surprise will be that you probably have all that you need in your stash of Christmas decorations. Give those treasures a fresh look! 

Indoors it is best to use artificial greenery for multiple reasons. One being the safety precautions, the other is to keep in mind that live greenery will drop needles and leaves. We all have enough on our plates at the holidays and the ease of entertainment is a priority. A host should enjoy their gatherings without worry. And I am a strong believer that if preparations are detailed and followed, the host/hostess can sit and enjoy their guests.

Let your chandelier be dressed for the holidays, just don't let it steal the show. After all, family and friends, joy and peace, memories and conversation, celebration of the birth of a King; those are the treasures of the season.

Remember your outdoor chandeliers! What a beautiful welcome. Don't have a hanging chandelier - create one! 

Every room of your home should be a special reminder of the Christmas season. Add a touch in every room. 

Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth, good will towards men!

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