Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 41 - Facing the View

I am a firm believer that every room of our home should be a room to be enjoyed...often. Saving the living room for those rare occasions or the dining room for holiday dinners is wrong. Our home isn't a museum so we shouldn't have those rooms that we just furnish and walk by and look in on.

The same holds true with the view outside our homes. Rethink the look of things by placing your seating facing the view so it can be appreciated.  The days of sitting with our backs to our windows should be over.

Embracing this concept will change your whole prospective on contemplating the questions, "who am I furnishing this home for?" The occasional guest or for me and my daily appreciation and enjoyment of my home?

Rethinking the look of things also opens up an awareness of things we haven't noticed before. Like how beautiful a chair's back is, or that our container garden is at its peak, or that we open the window more and enjoy the fresh air.

When we are room planning it is the focal point of a room we always address, like the fireplace or where the television will be.  We so very often forget the most important focal point of all, our view out our windows.

Facing the view, rather than turning our backs to it and only catching a glimpse of it when we walk into a room, is something we deserve.  Go ahead, give it a try.  Turn those chairs to face the view.  

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