Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Be Inspired No. 61 - Aqua Sky?

If you have one you love it, it you haven't acquired one yet, you have it on your "someday wish list". Because you're convinced that your baked goods just turn out more delectable. Kitchenaid recently introduced a new color to their already extensive line up. They call it "aqua sky". 

Some might call it reminiscent to "Mason Jar blue" or "Tiffany blue". I call it inspirational! 

Inspirational because bright, bold, saturated color is okay. It's time to get off the "pop of color" band wagon. If you like a color - use it boldly!

Aqua sky coloring is a delightful shade that can be mixed with so many colors that compliment it. Lime and chartreuse greens, browns, oranges, crisp whites, golds, pinks, corals...enough said?

And I can't say enough about the possibilities of mixing patterns with aqua sky shades. Animal prints, Chevron, houndstooth, plaids and stripes.

So let a mixer, a glass jar, or a gift box inspire you to design a beautiful space in your home.

Image Sources: Kitchenaid, Habitually Chic, Arhaus, JWadell Design, Plum Siena, Providence Ltd Design, Pinterest, Turbulent Pursuit, Style Carrot

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