Thursday, October 3, 2013

RSVP Collection No. 49 - Wine Labels, My Obsession

This is spot on!

So if you frequent my blog you know that the label on a bottle of wine is important in my selection process at the Spirits Shoppe.  And I have confessed that it is the deciding factor in my wine selection.  And it was a pleasant comfort to know that many of you have the same reverence to the label design.

I have to say the label hasn't left me done yet.  There isn't a bottle of wine I shared with friends that hasn't been enjoyed. So call it whimsy, craziness, irrelevance, or missing the point. I appreciate wine labels.  So please enjoy my third installment of wine labels.

Lucky Duck, indeed!

Well named!

Loving the serene-isque design!

Someone or something is responsible for the great party.

Love, love, love wax seals.

Puzzle solvers, here's a wee bit of help.

This is just adorable!

B Frank. But be nice!

Image Sources:  Tumbler, Pinterest, Coolest, Small Shop Studio, Zsa Zsa Bellagio

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