Friday, September 27, 2013

When It Could be a Don't No. 5 - The Signature Piece

Often it is thought that a room's design should be dictated around the signature piece that is selected as the start of the room. Why? I think this approach buries the signature piece, letting it become just another piece in the room.

If is to remain a signature piece then it needs to stand out. Be a contrast to everything else in the room. Be a piece used because it holds special meaning. It defines us, not the design of our room.

So if your taste is minimal and sleek and your signature piece is a vintage corner cabinet just because of its simplicity - don't change your design aesthetic. Use the vintage corner cabinet as your signature piece in the minimal and sleek room! 

There are times when we are drawn to a piece that is outside our personal style. We can't determine why, it just grabs us. Don't pass it by. It can be your signature piece mixed with your personal style. After all, opposites attract!

Image Sources: Elle Decor, Pinterest

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