Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rooms I Love No. 11 - No Rhyme, But Reason

This is my 11th post featuring Rooms I Love.  And even though I know that I can't have them all it strengthens my resolve that all the rooms of our home need a story.  No matter if that story is held in one piece placed with purpose where the whole room revolves around it; or the whole room becomes a wonderful novel.

There is no rhyme to these Rooms I Love No. 11, but there is definitely reason.  Reasons that all lead to what I say in my About Me on this blog.  And that is...

that I love rethinking the look of things.
Bringing a little more story and personality into our homes.
Loving the way we live.
If it tickles your fancy,
brings a flutter to your heart,
or makes you feel like you just won the "finders-keepers" game of life;
then give it a place of honor in your home.

But just in case you need a cheat sheet to the reasons why these are Rooms I Love here they are in no particular order:  high gloss ceilings done right, shape to the hallway, Victorian modernized, not being collection shy, playfully showing off architecture at every chance you get, using animal print anywhere,and paying close attention to the invitation of natural light in a room's design.

Image Resources:  Zsa Zsa Bellagio, Tumbler, Elle Decor, Design Chic

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