Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 40 - Hide and Seek

This could read like a personal ad.  Well Dressed Home seeking a statement rug for a room desperate for that missing touch.  

Whether on a hard surface or layered over other rugs - a hide rug is fabulous!

The hide rug either becomes a statement piece or a quiet compliment to a room's design.  It's smart to consider both options when selecting your rug. 

The fun of selecting a hide rug is there is no right or wrong.  To the open-minded this rug is so versatile.  Be comfortable with crooked, angled, unique-shaped and you will fully appreciate the hide rug.

The application of the hide rug is vast. No matter the feel of your room, it adds such dimension without seeking all the attention.

 So let's play hide and seek, I'll count to ten.....

then, ready or not, here we come.  You'll be happy you found your hide rug.  It's what has been missing in your room.  You win!

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