Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be Inspired No. 58 - A Little Nook, a Little Cranny

We dream of having one, but then we do and the challenge begins.  What do we do with it? The fantasy of having a little nook or a little cranny brings visions of a place to tuck ourselves away, if just for a bit.

I challenge you to look around.  You might being dreaming of having something that is already there.  Yes, there are built-in nooks and crannies, but sometimes it can be a straight wall that can be transformed into a nook or cranny.  Aaha!

Amazing how just an few inches can be the start of a wonderful hide away.  

Where ever the nook, no matter the size of the cranny - one essential element...pillows and a throw!

So I challenge you to be inspired to take a fresh look around, I bet you just might be surprised to find a little nook or a little cranny waiting to happen!

Image Sources: Veranda, Martin Lawrence-Bullard, Pinterest, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, House and Home, Architectural Digest, Hydrangea Hill

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