Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Design No. 2 - Container Gardening - Container Recipes

I have found a container gardener's cheat site! Are you one of those container gardeners who traditionally plants their outdoor pots the same year after year? Well it's time to spice it up! Embrace change my garden-gloved friend.

Proven Winners has a great link on their website for container gardening recipes.  Visit and click on container recipes. Here are a few of my favorites.

Heat Wave Container Recipe
Image Proven Winners

Gemini Container Recipe
Image Proven Winners

Pennies From Heaven Container Recipe
Image Proven Winner

The site shows the finished container as well as the "recipe". Just pick your favorites, print out the recipe, and off to the garden center you go.

I think this Mint Chandelier is clever also. After all there is nothing like a tall glass of fresh mint tea on a hot summer day.
Image Martha Stewart

Keep in mind that the scent of a container garden can be just as enjoyable as the show of color and texture. Consider a container garden using basil, rosemary, and sage. This one should be placed at arms length so you can rustle the leaves and stir up the pleasant aroma any time. And, of course clip and use in the kitchen.

Image Source Unknown

I planted thyme in the bed next to our hammock so I can graze it with my toes. My daughter went for the Chocolate Mint as soon as she spotted it for our deck container planting. What a pleasant surprise to graze by as the Chocolate Mint is secretly tucked in with pink, orange, and yellow blooms and is unexpected.

Image Source Unknown

This checkboard planting incorporating thyme is my vision around our outdoor firepit.

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