Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 33 - The Floor Mirror

This floor mirror is a mood changer with its antiqued effect.

In the context of a mirror, to reflect is to show an image of.  Simplistic enough.  The word reflect has great synonyms: think, meditate, ponder, mirror, consider.  Not so simplistic.  I love how both the definition and synonyms describe what a floor mirror can create for a room and its' dwellers.

Reflection, perfected!

The placement of a floor mirror is complex and strategic.  After all, it is not the mirror alone, but the reflection created in it that defines the placement.

Great placement for the utility of a mirror, but the door, chair, horns, and fireplace are
a great reflection too!

Loving the reflection?  Not so much.  But that is an easy fix!  Loving the pairing
of the series of prints though.

Loving how the acrylic chairs are almost an illusion of surprise.

Superb!  What a backdrop!

I heart it, times two!

The floor mirror plays so well with the mouldings.

Fantastic placement!

Mirror, mirror on the floor - you are the fairest of them all!
(Sorry couldn't help it.)

The juxtaposition is awesome!


The start of something wonderful.

 Image Sources:  Cote de Texas, Curtain Company, Decor Pad, Restoration Hardware, Fresh Plus Twist, Urban Curator, Emily Clark

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