Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rooms I Love No. 6 - For Many Reasons

I love this room because....___________________________.

it has a sophisticated rustic charm.
(The windows say city loft, the furnishings say "come in, no one will find you here.")

it beckons me.
(And you too!)

it has a underlying coolness about it.
(I mean come on - plaid, zebra, nailhead and black and white photography! 
Made you look again?)

it tells me I am welcome.
(Welcome to explore.)

it lies in wait for my dreams.
(From the ceiling to the fireplace to the suspended book shelves - love.)

shhh, it has secret passage doors!
(Give me a hidden door, you've given me a room I love.)

of Jeffrey Bilhuber's vision.
(Gloss walls, sassy green animal print, a corner bookshelf!)

Image Sources:  Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Ruth Burts, VT Interiors, BDG Design

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