Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House Crush No. 3 - Lakeside Worthy

I have the utmost respect for the vision of a truly talented architect.  Their eye for placement and design is amazing.  When one has a natural talent for something we can't understand why it is hard for others to do what one does, naturally and effortlessly.  But I also like how it puts into prospective the importance of recognizing that natural talent and ability and respecting the translation from talent to a finished work of art. 

The collaboration of the architect and interior designer on this property is one such work of art.  I have a house crush!

 From the street level facade to the back property dream view this home has me at hello.

Never once did these talents forget the location and view this home should offer.  Never once.

The harmony of the architecture and color palette make it a resident, not a visitor on this property

At every opportunity the beauty of what nature is offering up is visible to those who call this home.

At every opportunity, one is invited to ponder.

Invited to ponder and dream, but always be reminded not to miss what is just outside.

The view from this room is stunningly surreal.  One cannot possibly walk in and out of this room without lingering at the window for just a minute longer.

 Yes, I have a house crush!  Thanks to Visbeen Architects and Benchmark Wood Studio.

Image Sources:  House of Turquoise

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