Friday, July 19, 2013

Finds No. 8 - Collections Exposed

I don't think one wakes up one morning and says, "I'm going to start collecting teapots".  It just happens.  We see a piece that catches our eye and we take it home.  And so it begins.  

Some collections start out as a talent gone a stray. (Okay, obsession, I might as well say it.)

Sometimes we find our travel souvenir starts the collection. Sometimes we inherit a collection from our childhood.  No matter.  What is important is that we display that collection as a part of who we are in our homes. 

Just make it your goal to display it with creativity - or it just becomes clutter, and that my dear, is blasphemy to the collection itself!

(Be still my heart!)

(One just wouldn't have the same impact.)

(I predict a larger piece of furniture will be needed before this collection stops.)

(Yes, a collection can sneak up on you.  You just bought a few frames for a 
project....and then it happens.)

(Etchings and globes, oh my!)

(Lead the way to compasses and I'll keep track of the time.)

(A spot of tea is always appropriate.)

(Oh those Englishmen!  Even a dirty habit was ornamented.  This collection of 
snuff boxes is beautiful.)

(What a perfect corner for displaying the vintage luggage collection!)

(Love the play on the ceiling angle with the miniature globe collection. And the
painted back of the cabinet shows off the whiteware collection too! Yet
still so crisp and clean.)

(Collection as function, pretty creative. Sneaky, but we
caught you - you're a collector.)

(Collection as art and function!)

(Who needs coffee table books, really?)

(Lepidopterist, fancy word for collector.)

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