Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Questions Answered No. 3 - Pillow Fight

There is nothing like a good old fashioned pillow fight. But what are the "accepted" amount of pillows on a bed?

Is the number of pillows different if the headboard is upholstered?

If decorative pillows are used does that play into what the total allowed amount should be?

If the walls are painted a dark color do the pillows have to be neutral in color?

Does the gender of the bedroom dweller determine the amount of pillows?

If the bed is a sleigh bed can one use more or less pillows?

Are the number of pillows based on the style of the bedroom?

If monogram pillows are used does that limit the use of other pillows?

Does the size of the bed matter?

Psst. Here's the answer. The answer to all of the above questions is No. See there is no secret when it comes to design. Especially in this case - it is all personal preference. Just one tip...feather pillows are the best pillows for pillow fights, hands down!

Image Sources: Barclay Butera, Apartment Therapy, Adventures of Tartanscot, House Beautiful, Houzz, Pinterest, Ralph Lauren, La Dolce Vita

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