Monday, August 6, 2012

Be Inspired No. 38 - Ombre

At the onset of the Fall Season I am always inspired by the colors of nature. I am most anxious for Fall this year because of our brutally hot summer.  When I think about the colors of Fall I am inspired by the use of Ombre I am seeing in both fashion and interior design.

From a French term for "shaded", ombre is a color effect where the color gradually changes from light to dark.

From a fashion angle - I am loving the ombre lip, eye, and nail applications. I'll be practicing these for sure. Don't know yet if I'll venture out with them. Hopefully, it will be one of those things that looks harder then it actually is?

And how can you go wrong with an ombre purse?

From a home design angle - I am loving the elements of both sophistication and edginess ombre can bring to a room.

From a baking angle - how adorable are the ombre frostings and cake designs?

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  1. had no idea what it was called...I do like! That yummy pink rose cake! mmmm


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