Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Design No. 22 - The Tulipiere

According to Wikipedia, while fairly uncommon in modernity, during the 17th century tulipieres were used to grow tulip bulbs indoors and were common pieces of decorative art that could often be found in the houses of European elites. After the advent of large-scale global trade in the 17th century, numerous flower bulbs from Asia such as the tulip, crocus, and hyacinth became luxury items in Europe and these bulbs remained an exotic novelty until the end of the 17th century. Large floor-standing pyramid-shaped tulipieres were particularly ornate and were used as a status symbol to indicate the owner's wealth.

Hard to decide between the adorable tiny scale tulipiere and the statement scale tulipiere. What I do think is, the tulipiere is not something that displays well as a collection of many sizes. They are an art form that is best appreciated in all its glory. Certainly beautiful when paired with porcelain that shares the same color story, but let's the tulipiere shine.

I love the idea of the joy of seeing the bulbs burst forth and bloom. Could challenge one's patience. Is it sacrilege to use a tulipiere for fresh blooms? 

Kind of makes you want to expand your tulip garden, right? 

Image Sources: French Tangerine, House Beautiful, The Enchanted Home, Neiman Marcus, Pinterest, Katheryn Greenley, David Collin

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