Friday, June 19, 2015

Well Dressed Home No. 58 - Parsons With A Twist

Throughout our lives our homes evolve, both from our growing families to our design aesthetics. On this journey we hold on to pieces of this evolution. An example of this are those furniture pieces that hold memories that can't be written in a journal.

Our homes should be designed mixing in some of this memory-rich furniture. There is a hidden secret in putting a piece in our space that wouldn't work in any others' setting the same way, and yet it does in our home. Knowing this is what adds the story to our home that cannot be duplicated.

Whether this is that first piece of timeless, well-made furniture we saved to purchase or a once-trendy-first apartment thrift find, it is the piece that has absorbed our memories and tells our story. It has traveled with us, without compromise, in our moves from one house to the next.

I find that Parsons-style furnishings fall into this story in our homes often. Even when I see this style used in a room without knowing the backstory it makes me smile. Sometimes it is just about knowing the story and memories exist and that this dweller shows it with pride.

After reading this, don't fret if you have left go of a piece that could have played this role in your home. A well-designed furniture piece is always revived and you have memories to come that a new piece can be saturated with. And there are others who have left a piece go that is waiting for you. Search it out, discover it with adventure, and bring it home. After all there are more memories this piece can still hold.

Dress your home well.

Image Sources: Architectural Digest, Darryl Carter, Elle Decor, Alexa Hampton, Huff Harrington, Flicker, Pinterest

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