Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Translation - Fashion to Home No. 19 - The Perfect Party Dress

Who says a party requires a LBD? Oh trust me, I fully support the notion that you can never go wrong with a LBD. It never lets you down, no matter how dressed up or dressed down you go! But every once in awhile, how lovely would it be if you found the perfect party dress for a change of pace? A perfect party dress that had its share of the right amount of black, with the most beautiful combination of color, embellishment, and shimmer.

And how delightful to use this same flight of fancy to design a space in our home! Just the right neutral, with just the right combination of color, a dash of shimmer, and a bit of embellishment. Dare you? 

Living the feeling of that perfect party dress every single day in our dream room. What a fantastic translation from fashion to home.

And just like that perfect party dress, our room can be for casual entertaining or relaxation, or for the most special of occasions. Where comfort rules the day or night.

How will you translate the perfect party dress in your home? I'm RSVPing already!

Image Sources: Nicholas Haslam, Tumbler, Elle Decor, Pinterest, Shelterness

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