Friday, January 2, 2015

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 54 - Upholstered Doors

As Shakespeare Sonnet 59 has been paraphrased:

If there is nothing new under the sun, but that which
Has been before, how are our brains cheated,
Which, toiling to create something new, mistakenly
Brings forth something that already exists
O, that history could go back
Even five hundred years
To show me your picture in some old book,
At any time since thought was first put down in writing!
That I might see what an earlier time would say
To this wonderful beauty of your frame (mind, body, and soul);
Whether we are improved or they were better,
Or whether the cycle of years has yielded no better results.
O, I am sure of this, the wits [talented men] of former times
Have given praise to much worse subjects than this. 


So goes much in the world of interior design. For it is said that the idea of the upholstered interior door was for the sake of diminishing sound in English country estates, this too is "nothing new under the sun".  The newness comes from the application in the eyes of a talented interior designer.

As with application, the results depend on the talent of those involved. It takes talent to select just the right fabric, just the right design, just the right trimmings, and just the right skilled upholsterer. All worth it in the end. Oh the welcome these doors bring!

Think timeless and classic when considering upholstered doors. These are a fixture in your home. And the expense of doing it right needs to have a return on that investment by lasting for years to come.

Why not allow the enjoyment of a well-designed room start at the very entrance into it?

Done well, these are not props, these are functional doors; not for whimsy, but part of a good design plan. And this is no trend to follow, you either have the right application or you don't. So do not force it. But on the other hand, if you have it do not run from it. Open sesame "to the wonderful beauty of your frame".

Image Sources: Miles Redd, John Saladino, Joy Tribout, Houzz, House Beautiful, Hickory Chair, Pinterest, Peak of Chic, Paint Shoppe

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