Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 49 - Mod Craftsman Style

I've begun the dream of looking for a new house. And I have to say that I am tickled all sorts of colors to see the older Craftsman-style homes being meticulously restored with a new perspective. I'm calling it "Mod Craftsman Style". It's fresh, lighter, simpler and it makes it livable and fun!

I think William Morris would have appreciated this take on Arts and Crafts. 

What a modern way to appreciate the Craftsman style but still have a room that "breaths".

I love that the color palette for a Craftsman home comes from the celebration of nature. But I love even more it doesn't have to just celebrate Autumn or just a region of the country's nature. 

I love that this style I call Mod Craftsman tells a story with many chapters. Where it can be subtle, with just a few pieces of Arts & Crafts furniture, or a collection shown in breathable way. Seems to make you appreciate pieces you might have had all along stand out and be noticed more for their beauty.

Mod Craftsman, I'm liking it!

Image Sources: Stickley, Pinterest, Decor Pad, Houzz, Tumbler, Erno Borthwick

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