Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rooms I Love No. 17 - Starting with the Architectural Elements

Loving the great, but understated window.

I am a big fan of layering in a room's design. Whether it happens all at once or over time, it doesn't matter. It just needs to look like it all just happen. Not forced. What I love about these rooms first is the architectural elements in each of them. Strip them down and the architectural character sets you on a journey that can only lead to a room to love.

Loving the unique window, the window seat, and the paneled walls. This is a 
room to love from the very start.

Love the arched doorway and all the great mouldings painted white.
But most of all I love the story in this room. The inherited window 
panels used on the backs of these beautiful chairs.

I love the brick archway and the beams. I love that these were
not interpreted into a dark and 
stuffy room.

I love the natural light from a great window, the uncommon size of
this bathroom, and the terrific ceiling.

I love the black painted archway. And I'm freaking out about the map 
collection hanging in the most unlikely of places. I always knew someone
brave enough to paint their trim black was brave enough to add 
another element of uniqueness in the same room.

Image Sources: Home Bunch, Greige, VT Interiors, Zsa Zsa Bellagio

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