Friday, May 9, 2014

Gotta Love No. 42 - Vintage Cleverness

I hold a strong admiration for cleverness in design. Show me something of vintage origin displayed in a way that shows an appreciation but also a subtle twist of fun, I'm smiling. This post is sharing some of those found examples of vintage cleverness. Let's start with how great the vintage photograph above was blown up and framed in grid format to create a stunning piece of art!

How amazing would the concept of taking a vintage black and white photo and enlarging it and framing it in that grid format with the photo above? So fantastic for a beach home!

Taking an old window and using it as a dividing "wall" in a kitchen area - vintage cleverness!

Vintage cleverness is taking old architectural fragments and mounting them for a great vignette for any table top in any room style.

Barn doors or old elevator doors! Who cares? The installation is the same, the results...vintage cleverness!

There is something about not stopping at just one. Loving this collection of vintage bells hung at different levels with the simplistic twine to create inspired art.

Opportunity is in so many areas of our homes. Opportunity to be inspired. Opportunity to think beyond the norm. Opportunity to reuse and extend appreciation for many things. This shower enclosure is one such example. Yet another way to be clever with a vintage window!

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Vintage cleverness offers so many forms of art for the beholder. Gotta love that it's there for the taking without instructions!

Vintage cleverness doesn't always alter the original use of a piece, sometimes it just takes it from the factory or barn and moves it to a more warm and relaxing space.

The wind chime's design seems to play a sweeter tune with the encouragement of the soft warm breezes and some vintage cleverness.

And an "eye" for design as one flips through an old book can offer a one of a kind art that is vintage cleverness.

Gotta love vintage cleverness!

Image Sources: Willow Bee Inspired Blog, Tumbler, Pinterest

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