Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RSVP Collection No. 52 - Entertaining with Mason

I grew up in a large family with parents who both had a farming background. Both from the love of the smell of dirt and the necessity of feeding the family, we gardened every season. The rows of veggies and berries seemed endless and the hot summer days at local orchards weren't our idea of a summer vacation, but we knew we would enjoy the freshest of foods during the summer and the long winter months ahead. 

With this summer tradition of preserving foods from the garden and making the jams from the orchard, Mason jars didn't bring to mind entertaining fun. Boy have these jars of necessity come a long way!

Don't forget the swizzle stick straw!

Entertaining with the Mason jar is so full of inspiration. And holds a special place with me in party planning, as I know that anything you can prepare ahead of time is the key to a hostess who can enjoy a party, instead of running around missing good times with her guests.

BBQ in a jar! No muss, no fuss! Love it!

You can never have too many candles when entertaining! 

Fresh veggies and hummus - this is so pretty and delicious!

Your pasta salad recipe will taste just a bit more fun!

Don't forget the dessert!

Prepackaged homemade ice cream!

Red Velvet yumminess!

Key Lime Pie!

I'm thinking I need to increase my supply of ice tea spoons! So the guests can get every last drop!

Image Sources: Houzz, HGTV, Katie Pies, Pinterest

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