Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Be Inspired No. 73 - This isn't Your Normal Quilting Bee!

What a great quilt pattern that takes this leather chair and ottoman 
over the top!

The mention of quilting usually brings one nostalgic memories. Maybe visions of a circle of quilters at a quilting bee in a room full of chatter and swift moving sewing needles. But I'm being inspired by what quilting can do to a special piece in our homes.

Living the quilting both on the headboard and the top of bed!

What a lovely chair! Quilting on a classic chair frame, timeless!

Quilted velvet pillows!

The beautiful quilted pattern on this cabinet is super!

Another quilted headboard that is so handsome!

Quilting, not just for fabric!

The channel quilting on this sassy green velvet sofa is so fun!

Wood that highlights the beauty of quilting.

Quilting is so Chanel chic, timeless, and classic!

This leather chaise wouldn't be the same without the quilted texture.

Quilted silk slipcovers! Yum!

A chair without quilting is just another chair!

Another classic frame in all its glorious quilted cushions.

Another designer that gets quilting just right!

Seriously cool faux bois quilt pattern!

Another good night's sleep in the luxury of quilting.

Quilted pattern illuminated!

Loving the pairing of unquilted and quilted leathers!

Quilted slipcovered ottomans are the extra in this room.

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