Monday, April 28, 2014

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 45 - Hang it On the Window - Dare You!

Do you see it? It is genius and I dare you to give it a try! Hanging art on the window! 

For those of us with a vast collection of art we love, what a relief to have yet another area to hang it. 

I had a design project a couple years ago where one of my clients moved to a smaller home, but couldn't bare to give up any of their artwork pieces. They loved every one of them. We ran out of room to hang them, and I pulled every trick in the book to find spaces. Solution was to hang some pieces in their pristinely clean garage. They loved it!

I'm rethinking places to hang artwork and mirrors. The images in this blog post are so inspirational! Now I can't wait to run out of places to hang things!

I dare you to do the same!

Image Sources: House Beautiful, Pinterest, Carla Aston, HGTV, Atlanta Home & Lifestyles, How to Decorate, Houzz, McAlpine Booth Ferrier

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