Thursday, April 24, 2014

Be Inspired No. 72 - Little Black Doors (LBD)

LBD. Fashion calls it an essential to every woman's closet aka, The Little Black Dress. I'd like to say home design has it as well, aka Little Black Doors! And they are gorgeous!

And like the little black dress, the "little black doors" are classic! 

My, my, my those "little black doors" can make a room, everything else is just the icing.

Sometimes it can be as simple as painting your door and trim black. Just the doors. Beauty is in the simplest elegance.

Just like the little black dress, the LBD of home design can be "accessorized" traditionally or sleekly.

And as all classics allow, the LBD of home design stands the test of time and trend.

Time to shop for your LBD in home design.

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