Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden Design No. 14 - Box Me In

In this case I want to stay inside the box, not think outside of it. I want to wallpaper that box and move in! According to the American Boxwood Society, the Boxwood is "man's oldest garden ornamental". It was introduced to North American from Europe (of course) in the mid-1600s and reached its peak popularity in the US during the early 19th century and again during the Colonial Revival era.

We are all familiar with the love knot gardens of European royalty. What I love in these images is that Boxwood can be scaled to fit any size garden in amazing ways.

 Whether planted in containers or in the garden, Boxwood are amazing sculpture to be had.

 Just remember, this doesn't happen overnight. That's what makes these gardens spectacular. So matter how expansive your garden budget is it takes time, patience, and nuturing.

Image Sources: Houzz, Boxwood Terrace, Bill Barr, MK and Co., Lamps Plus, A Thoughtul Eye, Bleu Eye, 123rf

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  1. This is exactly the look I'm going for in my formal garden..thanks for the photos


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