Friday, July 13, 2012

Gotta Love No. 25 - Beach Treasures

You know I love when a story is attached to a creation. I love the story of the inspiration for the Anthropologie beach treasures dress.

The fabric is digitally printed from a photograph taken by one of their fabric aficionados. It depicts treasures from the shores of Scotland's Isle of Skye.

The photo was taken after she gathered polished glass, pottery, and seashells from the shores of the Isle and put them on her windowsill. I was in love with the story and then I goggled photographs of the Isle of Skye and my breath was taken away.  

See what I mean? 

Enough said, I'm going to let you catch your breath.

Image Sources:  Anthropologie, Light Stalkers, Highland Holiday Cottages, Regal Wings

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