Thursday, April 21, 2011

RSVP Collection No. 1 - Dinner is at Five!

My Mom was a collector of recipes. She'd hand copy a recipe from anywhere, clip them from magazines, and spy them in the newspaper. She also used the kitchen as her "laboratory". Always experimenting with ingredients and recipes for fun.  A few years ago I inherited her recipe collection with the promise to my sibilings that I would make sure they got copies. Thank goodness she also finally set down and wrote our favorites down - you know those ones where no measuring was required - it was all from memory!

Mom bringing home baby No. 6
Yes, No. 6 of 9!

My how time flies! Oh I could have photocopied them, but her legacy deserves more then that. Well I finally found my solution. Let me introduce you to This website allows you to design your own book, insert your own text and photographs, and publish your book. I used this website to publish a  book for a client's large project and loved how it turned out so I knew this was the way to honor my Mom's collection.

Mom's Recipe Collection/Dinner is at Five! turned out to be 145 pages long but what a fantastic gift for all my sibilings this coming Christmas!  Oh, and if you are interested in purchasing a copy for $45, plus $4.99 shipping, just e-mail me!

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