Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finds No. 2 - Collars and Cuffs

Why not bring a little more story into our homes? Most times this can be accomplished by remembering to get things out of those closets and boxes; treasures we bring back from our special trips around the world, reviving a family heirloom, a gift from a friend who knows us so well or artwork that tickles our fancy. (See Finds No. 1 - Paper Obsessed Library post.)

But there are times we are drawn to objects that stir our curiosity in such a way that we have to bring them home and promise we will find the story behind them, while enjoying the mystery it creates.

I have two such curiosities. So I'm sharing these objects with you in hopes that someone can enlighten me as to their story.

Collars and Cuffs
Image Willow Bee Inspired

Feast your eyes on these gems! In all my vintage hunts I have never seen anything like this before. I would love to know more about these embossed boxes. What can you share on their history? Inside the Cuffs Box are heavily starched men's dress shirt cuffs and you can find a few heavily starched men's dress shirt collars in the larger round box. The interior is cleverly designed with a round piece coming up the middle which the cuffs and collars wrap around and stack on top of each other.

Finds No. 2 - Collars Box

Prior to finding these boxes I had swooned over the image below. Still swooning. What a presentation. Eye candy all wrapped up in a big bowl of yum.

Image Dan Marty Design
Anxious to see what my readers know about my collars and cuffs boxes! In the mean time, I'll just let them do what they do - tickle my fancy. Oh and did you catch my vintage dominoes in the fabulous monogrammed glass canister in the Willow Bee Inspired image above? Yup, more of those Inspired Finds!

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