Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finds No. 1 - Paper Obsessed Library

1940's Horse Drawing Instructions Lithographs Limited Edition

"Your library is your portrait" Holbrook Jackson. Isn't it amazing how five simple words can be so profound! I want to share some of the Paper Obsessed Library at Willow Bee Inspired. The library of vintage lithographs, etchings, and other ephemera. In other words, some really cool artwork!

Original Lettering Lithograph Plates - Limited Edition

This library (obsession) was born of my desire to add artwork to my home that has a story and adds individuality and in some cases a bit of quirky to my surroundings. I want artwork in my home to be unique, make me smile, wonder, take me places, spark conversation, be a reward from the "hunt".
Manolo Blahnik Lithographs Limited Editions

I will confess that I don't always have the true story behind each piece and sometimes the mystery is what makes it mine to define.

                                                          Phrenology Head Ephemera

The Paper Obsessed Library contains many stories ready to be expressed in your home as well. If you are looking for something unique, contact me. If you are not sure what you are looking for just tell me a little bit about your space and, even better, send photographs and I'll help put a story on your walls as well.

The library contains European maps from as early as 1875 (even 3' long one from 1934 London!), spectacular bird lithographs from 1890, vintage French watch and perfume ads, butterfly plates from 1898, vintage menswear fashion sketches, Manolo Blahnik design lithograph reprints, vintage paper from an architect's library, and so much more.
 Framing is carefully selected to compliment and enhance each piece making them one of a kind. On rare occasion we find duplicates or a series. I think the pieces can work individually or in a gallery presentation.

                                                    Charlotte Moss Kips Bay Showhouse 2009

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