Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Be Inspired No. 82 - Where Are You Running To?

An unassuming man stands on a street corner and gazes up at the sky. It doesn't take long for this man to have others join him in curiosity. What wonder has he spied? This is what the great placement of a artful rug runner in a home's space reminds me of. It draws the eye towards something. Maybe we asked "where are you running to?" 

Where are you leading me? What wonder does your path lead me to? 

How often have you walked down your hallway or into your kitchen or come into your back door from errands and missed this great opportunity to add art to your floors? 

We all know the hallway is a great place for our art collection or family picture collages. Let's finish the area so these things aren't portrayed as a forgotten design project on our list to complete. By adding a rug runner we are enhancing the space, taking it beyond a passageway to other areas of the home, or to our kitchen sink, or a place to drop our keys.

Why wait until we reach the other areas of our home where we paid more attention to detail to feel a welcome warm hello? This hello can be subtle, but I say be brave! Choose boldly so this warm hello also brings a smile! Break any rules you thought existed, with the exception of size. 

Move practicality to the bottom of the list. Don't fool yourself into thinking you don't care what the rug runner looks like because it's practical. It is no different than saying I don't care what these shoes look like because they are comfortable. The fact is there are pretty shoes that are comfortable and there are pretty rugs that are practical. If you look at a rug runner as a foot wipe you have just put yourself in a box of limitedness.

Challenge yourself to look at a rug runner as art and your selection will delight long term. 

So what curiosities are your rug runners leading us to? Set the tone. Use every space by designing with intention. Don't let let any area go unnoticed. 

Image Sources: Home Bunch, Safavieh, Pinterest, Atlanta Home, Elle Decor

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