Monday, June 19, 2017

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 56 - Not Your White Shiplap

I am not one to fall in love with design trends. Honestly, once something is put in the "trend" category I give it a precautionary red flag. I've seen things come and things go and when this happens it can date a home's space in what seems like an instant. It says "oh you are one of those that got caught up in that design trend." Don't get me wrong, a home needs to evolve just as we evolve. But the best story of a home are those pieces that stick with the evolution. A good writer doesn't throw away a past best seller because they write a new best seller, their works define them. So does our home.

So I look at design trends and think about how to make them timeless. I look at trends and think about how they can be transformed into timeless layers in our homes. In this post I am putting the shiplap trend to the test of timelessness. 

What I believe will date the shiplap trend is quite simply a white paint color. As the saying goes, it really isn't rocket science. It is careful consideration when hopping on the design trend train. If you are going to do it make sure you know what lays ahead when the trend fizzles. Trends always fizzle. Pay attention and do everything in your home with intention of classic, timeless investment.

So if you have fallen in love with the shiplap look for your home and you have considered it's addition as you would with any other wood moulding and the architectural effects it will give; then my only other recommendation is give as much thought to what color it will be painted. So you may think if I am asking you to think of shiplap as other wood mouldings then what is wrong with painting it white? 

The majority of the time I would be the first to recommend painting wood mouldings white, but not always. I also love when the walls and trim are painted the same color - and when I say color I mean a color other than white. Have a vision for not only what you love now, but what will my home's layers over time mean for this current design trend I am drawn to. 

Let me say, I love shiplap in moderation. What I really love is shiplap painted a great accent color. So pick the perfect space, put self control into action, and select a easy to work with accent color that gives a great palette to layer the rest of your story. Your bestseller. 

Image Sources: Phoebe Howard, Traditional Home, Pinterest, Home Bunch

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