Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Speaking of Walls No. 8 - Wallpaper is Here! It Never Left!

The handpainted accentuation of wallpaper is lovely.

Trends can be too controlling. Be careful! I have lost count reading about wallpaper being back. In my opinion, it never left. We just get too wrapped up in trends and sometimes ignore the tried and true, the classics, the never failing.

Doing what a headboard just couldn't achieve alone.

If left without the wallpaper, the room would be lacking!

Can't say enough about the inspiration this paper creates!

It becomes your closet.

I never tire of the possibilities of the Birds of a Feather wallpaper collection!

A dream or a place visited!

Open sesame!

And for heaven's sake don't forget the ceiling!

Pop the cork!

Wallpaper is here! It never left!

Image Sources: Schumacher, Thom Filicia, Osborne Little, Decor Pad, Pinterest, Thibaut, 

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