Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Be Inspired No. 24 - Design Bust

It started out of envy, this head bust love of mine. A dear friend invited me over to his new place and as it goes when you move to a new environment, there were some accessories on display he had packed (hidden) away at his old place.

I feel in love with this Phrenology Head gazing at me from his living room console. It was love at first sight. And since this dear friend didn't think we belonged together, this bust and I, I was on the hunt for one of my own. I now have 2. This first one I stumbled upon was a darling little six inch high one. And the second one is twice the size.

Some of the most stunning pieces of art are in bust form.

Bringing a bust home to your space is one of the most fun finds you will experience! And you don't need a pedestal to display it.

Image Sources: House Beautiful, Veranda, Running Into Myself, Captmondo, Elle Decor

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