Tuesday, December 27, 2011

RSVP Collection No. 27 - Serving Trays

I love research, for I have to share that when working on this blog post I searched for an image of a butler and had to smile when images of Gerard Butler came up. (heehee). Okay so back to the subject! I love serving trays for their versatility.

Hors d'oeurves taste better, a cup of tea is sweeter, after dinner drinks smoother on the palette, a beautifully written message holds the importance it deserves, and a display of little trinkets becomes the center of attention all when served up on a platter.

Love this Christian Dior monogrammed platter!

Trays of copper seem to go hand and hand with fresh baked breads.

Trays are art forms of their own. And I love this painted "Bernardo" tray.

Oh hello there my vintage Chanel serving tray. Won't you look just perfect in my bedroom?

I have a set of two of these faux python trays. Love them!

And don't forget to raid Grandma's vintage silver!

And just so you can appreciate all my hard work doing research for the blog.....

Image Sources: Wordpress, Powerstone, Global Views, Ibride, Patisserie Beatrix Ball, Replacements.com

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