Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paper Obsessed No. 5 - Lost Art of Letter Writing

I recently received a note that said "you did something great today and I noticed" followed by two little sentences...what impact those words had on the rest of my day!

Trust me I'm all for e-mail, text messaging, and social media; but nothing replaces a written note. A written note that takes the writer's time and effort to the next level. After all, it starts with the stationery it is written on. Stationery tells you almost as much about the sender as the shoes they chose to complete an outfit.

If you have ever received a gift of stationery you know how it takes your breath away for a moment. Because this gift was THE gift that was not chosen for you in haste. This gift tells you how truly special you are to the giver.
Don't feel overwhelmed when you are looking at the blank note card. A few short heartfelt phrases will be just fine.

Loving this clever invite!

 Here are some "cheats" for your letter writing.

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