Friday, November 11, 2011

Design Questions Answered No. 2 - Zebra Prints

You don't even know how my heart was racing when I was answering the following question:

"What home decor goes well with zebra print?"

Any animal print should be considered a neutral. Though some animal prints pair better in a room's decor then others, the zebra print is one that is like that favorite purse that goes with anything.

I do caution that animal print should not be the foundation of a room's design, but rather an accent. Take a look at these rooms and notice how the room just wouldn't be the same without that touch of zebra.

So whether your look is traditional, contemporary, transitional, vintage, or coastal - zebra print adds the finishing touch.

Image Sources: Design Sponge, Ralph Lauren, House Beautiful, Windsor Smith, Elle Decor

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