Monday, October 3, 2011

RSVP Collection No. 22 - Food Network's Restaurant Impossible Comes to Town

What a celebrity location Central Pennsylvania is becoming. First Extreme Home Makeover came to our area this summer (episode airs September 25) and then the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible popped into the area to revamp a 30-year old restaurant.

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine and his crew spent 48 hours and a $10,000 budget to update Dodge City's menu, staff, and decor.

Dodge City is located along a busy street in Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania. The new look portrays a modern rustic wild west theme.

One of the menu additions by Robert Irvine is Dodge City Beer Cheese Soup.

For more recipes from this episode visit I haven't visited to take in the changes but am looking forward to it soon.

Image Sources: Pennlive

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