Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Be Inspired No. 18 - Richard Hallberg

I am inspired to discover one of the designer's who "gets it"! This inspiration comes because I get discouraged every time I read a designer's mission statement. More times then not, a designer's statement contains something like: "we keep your personal tastes and lifestyle in mind". Well, no kidding. That should be a given shouldn't it?

So I am inspired by some recent quotes I read by Richard Hallberg, Interior Designer...

"How did art inform the decor? It didn't, I let both stand on their own and speak to each other."
Veranda Magazine, September 2011

"I don't use fabric with pattern to design a room, my pattern comes from the assemblage of objects."
Veranda Magazine, September 2011

Another reason why this designer inspires me? Details are his obsession!

I love details! I match his philosophy on assemblage of objects! And you should know already, I love to marry vintage with modern where it is lest expected.

Be inspired!

Image Sources: Veranda, Richard Hallberg

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