Monday, September 19, 2011

Well Dressed Home No. 11 - The Well-Appointed Guest Room

During recent storms we experienced a electrical outage and I was thankful to have a sister of mine allow me to use her nearby home to shower after a whirlwind one-day trip to move our daughter into her college dorm. She not only offered her home but graciously put out fresh linens and a shower poof for me and a lovely note.

It reminded me just how important it is to never forget the little things for your guests.  So I've come up with a checklist for the well-appointed guest room.

1. First and foremost a comfortable bed with fresh linens.

2. There is nothing says "welcome" like a nice collection of bed pillows in both soft and firm.

3. Fresh flowers are a simple, yet delightful touch.

4. A beautiful tray by the bedside with bottled water or cola, alarm clock, a vanilla-scented or fresh-linen scented candle with matches.

5. A selection of nice stationery or even a small journal for your guest to make trip notes.
 And don't forget nice ink pens or pencils. Not the "junk pens".

6. Provide a basket of lotions, pain remedies, sewing kit, soaps, and crisp bath linens.

7. A small flashlight near the bedside is a nice touch as well.

8. Magazines and books will be appreciated. Along with a comfy throw for that refreshing cat nap.

9. A folding luggage rack is a nice convenience.

Remembering to pay attention to these details will tell your guests they matter and you are glad they are there.

Image Sources:  Veranda

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