Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speaking of Walls No. 3 - Something Other Then a Picture

There are many things that draws one into a well-designed room. One of them is details. And one of the most important details is the appointments or accessories. This compliments and completes the design. It is also where the most creative part of the design shows.

I purposely used the word "picture" in the title of this blog post to emphasize that when addressing your wall, artwork can become just a picture. This can be prevented if you give the same energy to the appointments and accessories in your room that you gave to the groundings (furniture and flooring).

This is why I am so paper obsessed. There is such a story that can happen on one's wall, by using early lithographs and ephemera that can't happen using ordinary pictures. But let me take you even beyond this and show you some images of other objects that become art on the wall.

I'm loving the mix of the turtle shell collection with the plates in this kitchen.

These repurposed Asian grates give such dimension to the fireplace area.

Loving the color of this oyster plate collection enhancing a simple mirror.

I think this amazing mirror would make a stunning headboard too!

Image Sources: House Beautiful, Restoration Hardware, Traditional Home, Vicente Wolf

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