Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Inspired No. 15 - Simplicity

A few years ago I participated in the design of a room for a local designer showhouse. The room had a rather large gas fireplace flanked by bookcases. It was a dreary hole in the wall with no character. So we decided to remove the gas logs and fill the fireplace with stacked wood.

At first it seemed it was going to be an overwhelming task of stacking the logs just right, but nature proved us wrong. Because sometimes if you don't concentrate so much on creating a look it happens all on its own.

We have a wood shed for our wood-burning fireplace in our family room. I came home to measure our cut wood to see if it would fit the depth of the fireplace and was delighted to see that the stacked wood was art that happen all by itself. The art of simplicity.

Image Sources: Elle Decor, Willow Bee Inspired, Hall Ready, Reynold Still, Veranda

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